Noise when opening Cubase AI / Imac / Steinberg Ur22 mkII

Hello everyone,

After days of reading articles, trying many things on my material, I finally come for help.
I recently bought :
Imac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
Steinberg UR 22 mk II
Yamaha HS 80M

I downloaded every last driver for Cubase AI 8 and USB/firmware.

My problem is :
a noise appears everytime i open Cubase. It disappears when closing Cubase.
That noise does not seem to be modified by electric connections (every monitor, and Computer is on a separated wall power), my cables are new ones, made for monitoring.
That noise is not linked to any instrument plugged in my audio interface.

It sound like a high pitched buzz, and is permanent.
A second sound can be heard, and its pitch is modified by changing buffer size.

When i play a youtube music, there also an annoying sound behind the song, it’s not the same as with cubase, but it’s still there…

May someone help me ? :wink:

when you starting Cubase, Cubase will automatically initiate or work with any kind of the UR-Series, if it´s connected to the laptop. Cubase detect when a UR-series-audio-interface is there to work with and will get connected to this. I guess
there´s something with your UR22mkII. do you got phantom power and hi-z input on your UR22mkII switched off?

Yes, phantom power is off.

I red a lot about noises with Imac, could it be coming from my audio interface ? It’s connected to my computer with USB, some people describe ground loops with these.

I tried everything and it’s always the same, maybe a ground usb isolator could do the work ?

Thank you for your answer

we cant know where this noise is coming from by your insessioning. maybe its the iMac, but even so it could be an issue of the UR22mk. … did you tried to choose another audio-driver( for Cubase actually and/or even as standard for your computer? maybe you should reset the driver, by selecting an other audio-driver and then back to the installed driver.
i really recommend a professional D.I.-box for recordings, but i think in this case it doesn´t come from electromagnetic noises or annoying signals, there´s something go crazy in your computer or it´s an hardware-issue, either in the pc or in the UR22mkII.

install newest driver! not the one that comes with cd,

Hello everyone,
I did install all latest drivers, but finally i found the problem.
It has nothing to do with cubase or Steinberg Ur22, it’s a cable issue. There was a ground loop between monitoring and the usb audio interface.

I’m glad everything works perfect now.
Thank you all for your advices !

that´s the only thing, what we´ve all wanted. :wink:

Where exactly does Stienberg state the system requirements for the UR22MKII including clock speed?

@ johndtomlinson
that´s all i can find:

clock speed? do you mean MIDI or Word clock or something else?