noise when recording line instrument

here is my setup

Mixer: Yamaha MG10XU
Computer: Win 10
Instruments: Fender Electronic Guitar
Speaker: Yamaha HS7
Cubase:CUbase AI 9

I connect guitar to channel 1 ( mono)
I can play through mixer to the speaker without any problem. any noise.

when recording, and then playback, there are so many noise at the background when
turn up the volume

I use the same setting, when recording VST instrument , it doesn’t have this problem.
How to get rid of the noise when recording mono input ?

What are you using to bring the guitar sound into your computer (eg: on board sound card, USB audio interface…)?

This, or its level settings, is what is most likely causing your problems.

Guitar connect directly to mixer channel 1
MG10XU connect to computer using USB cable

Sounds like your level is too low somewhere then. What does the meter in Cubase say when you’re recording the guitar?

Is the channel input on the mixer designed for guitar, is it a high impedance input? Some have a switch for high/low impednce depending on the input.

If your guitar is electric then it won’t work properly into a line input. The mixer has no hi-z in as far as i can see so really you need a d.i box or some other form of direct recording unit between guitar and mixer.

what about a electronic piano ?
I have a roland RD300NX and connect directly to mixer using mono port. Also have noise

Your piano should be ok.
If you unplug the instrument and record blank audio does it have the noise?
Have you tried another input?
Have you tried a different cable
Are you using the correct cable - jack plug both ends?

jack plug both end. and tried different cable and input.

also piano also have noise

I use noise gate, but seems no luck

the noise are like ‘sa…sa…’
background noise

If it’s not a constant hiss then it is probably something else going on. Maybe post a small sample of the noise.
please find the sample

I’m pretty sure Grim meant just the noise rather than the piano playing?

Anyway, I can’t hear any noise before the piano starts or indeed over the top of it. Sounds like a clean recording to me. Does it not to you?

If it sounds noisy to you then the issue is somewhere within the playback/monitoring regime rather than recording (which is good, probably!).

The only thing other than piano I can hear is a marimba type sound. I’m guessing that isn’t the mysterious noise :smiley:

So if you hear noise when playing back it must be caused by something on playback…is it in Cubase? Are there any plugins in the project? Do you hear the noise if you play it in another media player? Do you hear any noise of you play audio from somewhere else?

sorry, should be this one

I still don’t hear a lot of noise other than the guitar (it would be easier to id the artifacts without a noise gate).
It is recorded at a very low level which is presumably because you’re feeding a guitar into a line input when really you need a DI box (as Grim already stated). I do wonder if what you’re hearing is feedback as you’re monitoring through the mixer which as far as i can see puts everything back to the input?

The keyboard sounds fine, the guitar has a lot of hiss and a gate that makes it more noticeable.
Recording at -30dB might be a little on the safe side.
As others have said, a DI box also called a line-driver, would be a good and cheap way to get better sound.
There a active ones, that need a battery or Phantom power, and there a passive ones that uses a tranny.
A cheap passive DI colors the tone more than cheap active DI, good transformers are not cheap, the great advantage of passive DI’s is that you can send a recorded line-signal into the Output of the DI and get a guitar signal out the Input of the DI. Sort of in reverse setup, that signal is then perfect for a guitar amp, as it has the right impedance and signal strength.