Noise when selecting track

Hello! :smiley: :smiley:

Recently I’ve erased and restored Window 10 on my computer. And Cubase too.
After reinstalling, I’ve got a problem.
As I click and change other track, while playing, there comes a clicking cracking noise.
For example, while the play button is on and tracks are making sound, I’m selecting ‘audio 1 channel’, and clicking ‘audio 2 channel’. at that moment, some popping, crackling (very short but annoying) sound comes up.
I’d never or hardly heard that sound before reinstalling cubase.
What’s weird is, as I see the cpu burden gage(f11), it doesn’t pops up, as usual pop noise comes up with burden gage popping.

What is the problem?
almost all settings I know are same with the previous one, before reinstalling. Sample rate, buffer size latency settings are same. Even butter size doesn’t affect(raise or reduce) this noise.
Is there any reason that makes noise like this, or do you have any clue on this situation?


You could check that all your drivers are up-to-date, particularly the graphics card.


I solved the problem.
It’s weird to me, that the solution was reducing buffer size and raise the sample rate.
More burden to the Cpu, but it made the pop noize disappear.