Noisy drum samples in Groove Agent One?

Hi folks,

I’m noticing a lot of noise/hiss on the drum samples, even the new Allen Morgan ones in Groove Agent One.
I didn’t notice it so much through my speakers, but when monitoring with headphones, there really seems to be a lot of noise as the samples fade out. Specifically I’m using Rock Kit 1.

I’ve rebooted my system, it’s not like an audio crackle or anything, they “sound” awesome, just that there seems to be a lot of inherent noise/hiss within the samples themselves… which seems odd.

I started with a fresh instrument track/ Groove Agent/Rock Kit 1/ no effects or eq… it is far more noisy than my stock drum sounds off my O1W keyboard… again, this seems odd… am i missing something?

Or is that just the quality of the included drum samples?

Thanks, appreciate any help here.

Aloha D,

Yep! You are right. Good catch.

But not on every sound in the kit.

I loaded the kit you posted (Rock Kit 1)
and found ‘decay noise’ during the decay of:

1-C#1 (SideStick)
2-E1 (Snare)
3-F#1 (Hi-Hat)
It occurred to me that these three the most used parts of a kit. :slight_smile:

The decay on all the other drum sounds seem to my ears to be ok.

The kit does sound nice. Very nice.


Thanks for confirming my findings Mr. Curteye.

Yes, those are indeed important drum parts!
I am just puzzled at why/how they would go through so much trouble to get good sounds, but then release them with a noisy sample decay.

Does Allen Morgan know about this?

Wondering what my (free) options are for getting a better sounding drum kit for rock/metal pre-productions?

Any suggestions?