Nomad factory deals. !

I’m always going on about Nomad factory plugins. Here’s a sale that has good deals. I’m tempted by Magma which is one of only 2 I don’t have… As usual, I state that I don’t work for anybody related to these guys. Just a user… Ed

just bought magma. $99. tons of plugins plus a vst plugin matrix with modulation of fx parameters. with this and Cubase 7.5 upgrade on order, xmas is early at Stealth Recording Studios in Glasgow! Ed

magma; you can have up to 16 racks x 8 vst plugins (total of 128 plugins) all in easily movable chain, all in one instance of the plugin, using ONE Cubase insert slot. parameters can be modulated by 8 lfos and 8 multi stage envelope generators. the possibilities are scary! the nomad factory fx are nice too of course… ed