Nomad Factory Magma; very cool (pun!)

just tried the demo. even ignoring the effects themselves (if they are as good as the rest of the nomad factory stuff then no worries), the rack functionality looks extremely powerful. you can insert up to 16 of the built in fx and rearrange them easily and change the output routing algorithms. even more crazy is that you can insert up to 8 3rd party vst fx in each rack. so I guess up to 8 x 4 = 32 simultaneous fx, all taking up just one Cubase slot! then you can modulate parameters in each slot. so far I’ve only played with the demo for about 5 minutes but the possibilities look incredible. apparently it even lets protools users use non aax plugins within their aax host. the only reason i’m not buying just now is lack of cash. blew my budget on website redesign. but check it out for yourselves. p.s. I have no connection with nomad factory or any other vendor. ed

Sure! :wink: :smiley:

I have all Nomad Factory plugins include Magma.

I like Magma a lot and I use that and also Blue Tube series frequently. :smiley:
If you like Magma you should check out Blue Tube Series too.
Nomad Factory plugins are one of the best plugins in the audio software business.
I can also add that all Spectrasonics plugins; Omnisphere, Stylus RMX and Trilian effects inside the plugins are all made by Nomad Factory.

The only thing that I think is a bummer is that it isn’t VST3 yet. :frowning:
Other then that it support anything, x64, x32, VST 2.4 …AAX2 x64 what ever. :wink:

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hi Freddie. I got the nomad factory integrated bundle with 50 plugins a while back, and consider it my best plugin deal so far. especially at the price (one day sale at $99 instead of $599!). echoes alone is worth that price. for anybody who hasn’t tried it, Echoes is a fantastic analog delay plugin. magnetic is good too. keep your eyes on jrr shop and don’t for deals on their stuff. ed

For me, the best of the Nomads are still the Blue Tubes bundles & their signature series.
I’m not sure they are attempting to model anything in particular (GUI design notwithstanding) either.

The main thing is that they work, and I like them.

yes neil. agreed. I think they don’t claim to model existing gear (except where they use pultec graphics!) but the plugins sound good anyway. to be honest, i’m like most users who have never seen or touched a real 1176 or Fairchild etc. so can’t tell if UA and the other guys did it right or not. and I don’t care much. I just use what sounds good to me… Ed :slight_smile:

I always had a hunch that Nomad made the fx in Trilian.

I’ve always liked those fx.

Nomad gets a bad name, they must have angered some customers along the way, but I’d say that those fx are very useful. Maybe not accurate to some hardware if you’re a toy chaser, but they are useful if you’re only goal is to make good sounding music.

Magma sounds like an incredible idea, if only to serve as a chainer.

Hi all! :slight_smile:

My review.

To be completely honest the Nomad Factory ASP - LM-662 (Fairchild) sounds much better then example Waves Fairchild that suppose to be module of the real hardware. I get much better result with Nomad Factory ASP - LM-662 (Fairchild) then waves and other (Fairchild).

Regarding the rest Blue Tube, EQ and Comp, Pulse-Tech, British MCL-2269 (NEVE), British NEQ-1972 (NEVE) are all great plugins and very musical. The British series sounds much more close to Neve then example Waves V- series.

Steinberg RND Portico Plug-Ins are with out a doubt the best NEVE plugin version so far. :wink:
Nomad factory British NEQ-1972 (NEVE) sounds very warm. The Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ332 are still one of my favorite include the compressor Blue Tubes Compressor CP2S.

The best “to go EQ” is still I think the included Cubase 7- “track EQ” if you work in Cubase. Great with its included analyzer.
I’m not alone to think so too, there are other “producers” and “mixing engineers” that like the Cubase/Nuendo stock EQ too.

If you work with Cakewalk SONAR X-series as a DAW, their track EQ are extremely good too. If you are a SONAR user you should use that one. :wink:

Regarding Wave and UAD2. Their plugins are not bad but overall if you take the time to compare them many are not anything special. Some sounds really great but many are just mediocre and nothing special.
So you could ask yourself what the big fuzz is all about? :unamused:

Obviously its has just come down to commercial hype in many of those products. Especially UAD.
Today there are many other plugins that sounds great example Nomad Factory, Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, Elysian, SoftTube, SPL, NI, LiquidSonics, Voxengo, and not least the include plugins in DAWs from Steinberg & Cakewalk.

Use your ears don’t get fooled over the brand or the hype! :slight_smile: :wink:

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