Nomad Factory up to v4

Hi all. any nomad factory users out there; they have upgraded all plugins to v4. mainly bugfixes and increased compatibility for mac types as well. free update for existing users. been up since july but just found out; NF don’t do newsletters! Ed :slight_smile:

Hi, Ed (or any other Nomad Factory / Cubase users).

Windows 7 (64) / Cubase 7.5.10 (64)

I just tried installing the v4 VST 64 Nomad Factory pugins and can’t seem to get them to pass the blacklist. I have the All-Tech, Pulse-Tec, British Bundle, Analog Mastering Tools, Essential Studio Suite, and Rock Amp Legends. All had been working fine in Cubase 7.0.7. as the old v3. Just updated to Cubase 7.5.10 a couple days ago so I thought I’d try the new NF install too. v3 does still pass the blacklist in 7.5.10.

So, is anyone using Nomad Factory Version 4 VST 64 plugins successfully in Cubase 7.5.10?

I was planning on sending a support request to NF, but figured I’d check here first.

Update : Success! :slight_smile:

Downloaded and installed the “vcredist_x64” file from here …

None of the NF v4 64 VST plugs are getting blacklisted now!