Non-adjacent stave condensing just showing rests instead [bug]

I have an orchestral piece with 3 flute players, the 1st player just plays flute, the second plays flute and piccolo, and the third plays flute and alto flute. I have set up a condensing group with all three players, but want to use a condensing change to have just the two flute players condense when the piccolo or alto flute is in use.

This works fine when I have 2 flutes and alto flute, but when I try to condense player 1 and 3 together with player 2 on a separate stave for the piccolo, the notes for players 1 and 3 disappear and get replaced by rests. Here’s a picture of my condensing change:

Any suggestions, or is Dorico not liking me trying to condense non-adjacent staves?

Edit - Attached a cut down version of the project. There should be flute 1 notes in bars 6 and 8 as can be seen in galley view.
Condensing Bug.dorico (1.6 MB)

I seem to recall that condensing only works for the primary instrument.
Hope I’m wrong though.


That’s correct - the problem is not with condensing non-adjacent instruments (which works fine), the problem is that at present Dorico only supports condensing each player’s first instrument.

In this project, though, the regular flutes are the primary instruments, though, so that doesn’t explain it.

I’m surprised this doesn’t work, but I have to agree with Adam. there is no condensing by default, and if I do not add a separate staff for Fl2/Picc, the OK button does not light up at all. (Flute is the first instrument in each case.)