Non-bloatware Downloadable Versions of Cubase

Dear Steinberg,

I would really appreciate if you offered separate downloads for Cubase.

(1) Without bloatware
(2) With bloatware

In particularly talking about VST Cloud, VST Transit, VST Connect, Chord Pads, Chord Track, Automatic Pop out menus and whatever else. None of this stuff interests me whatsoever and I don’t want any of that to be installed alongside my Cubase.

Im looking forward to seeing the hundreds of other amazing suggestions in these forums to be implemented. Ones actually related to improving workflow and functionality enhancements.

Cubase 7 was a amazing update with the new GUI, MixConsole etc. Now we have the GUI how we like (for the most part) it would be best to start looking into implementing updated functionality with things we already have available and new workflow enhancements (Pop out menus are not a enhancement to anything). Its time for Cubase to become the BEST DAW IN THE WORLD again, but im sorry to say VST Cloud, VST Connect, VST Transit etc will not get it there…

Cubase is my main DAW, I wouldn’t ever want to change until I feel forced too which may happen if Steinberg keep focusing on these kind of things too much.

Just my opinions #Real Talk


This is a thorny issue. I basically agree with your list of features that seem beside the point, but I don’t know that a slimmed down version of Cubase would be a good thing. Weighing the pros and cons of “Big Cubase”:

Big Cubase (advantages)

  • IMHO, Cubase is the best DAW on the planet, largely because it’s multi-purpose. (But there are many other good reasons.) It may be unwise to undermine that.
  • We want the Cubase user community to be as large as possible, and more features is part of that. It means more money available to developers, therefore better software. It also enlarges the user community, making for better peer to peer support.
  • It’s good for a DAW to be user-friendly for noobs. I’m not talking about Elements vs Artist vs Pro. I’m talking about “training wheel” features that help people who are a bit lacking in knowledge of music theory or other essentials. We want people to be able to cut their teeth on Cubase so they’ll be part of the community later on.
  • You never know when you want to try something new (like Loop Mash), or a friend calls you up and wants to use something that you usually ignore (like chord tracks).

Big Cubase (disadvantages)

  • Development of core features possibly deprived of resources allocated to more bells and whistles.
  • Design anti-patterns more likely to emerge (Big Ball of Mud, for example).
  • Long download times, large disk space requirements.
  • Learning curve gets bigger and bigger. Operations manual gets longer and longer. Users get more frightened and confused. Sometimes you can’t even get the big picture. Which VSTis are subtractive synths, which are granular, which are sample based? What’s the difference between Groove Agent, Beat Agent, and Acoustic Agent? How do you make all these things work together, or is that not the idea? (BTW: They can’t quite work together, but they could if Beat Designer had midi channel selection for each drum.)

I’m sure one could add to each list. The only serious disadvantage of big Cubase is the potential impact on software maintenance. This topic has been going hot and heavy for a long time:

…and it looks like many folks would prefer a stronger core.

The problem of disk space consumption and long download times seem very minor these days. Most users have large disks and fast internet connections. You don’t have to download very often either.

That leaves the issue of complexity. I’m grateful to have this embarrassment of riches. Learning curve or not, I can always decide to learn something later or not at all. But that’s not your point. You said that a bloatware version should be available, so I presume the issue is having too many distracting items and options in the user interface (menus, toolbars, wherever). If that’s the case, then what you really want is more customization available in user interface, such as being able to choose menu items that should not be displayed by default. It would improve the workflow. Each unfamiliar and never used item adds delay and distraction to the job. We already do have some control, but more would be nice, especially as the number of features grows.

The problem of disk space consumption and long download times seem very minor these days. Most users have large disks and fast internet connections. You don’t have to download very often either.

The features the OP listed will not affect the download size / disk space used much, perhaps 0.01% larger (if that). i.e. less than 1MB.

Speaking as a software developer of >20 years, A problem by making separate versions, is software testing times will increase.
eg say they have a new internal version of cubase 8.5.x, if they’re doing their job right they will be testing both the artist version and the pro version, because errors could crop up on one version but not the other, now if you include another version (so 3 versions), then software testing/developing times will increase even further. So us the end users will have to wait longer for software updates and perhaps might not even get updates at all.

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lol, this thread is not worth getting much into depth.

But im just a passionate Cubase user who is pretty disgusted with the path Steinberg is currently going down.
There have already been multiple DAWs try this online collaboration method and all of them have failed or are bugged to hell and back. I really don’t understand why Steinberg even bothered to venture into such a thing, or why they thought this feature would even be a improvement, useful or fun etc… the amount of continued development resources needed for this would be significant.
Not to mention that we are already continuously paying for new Cubase updates and new Cubase versions (which adds up over time let me tell you) Cubase 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, soon to be 9, Halion 5, Groove Agent 4, CMC-CH Controller etc. etc. etc. and now Steinberg wants you us pay additional money (subscriptions) for a features that are not interesting and is not a improvement to the DAW environment.
Like honestly, who is Steinberg developing for ? the next 7 year old Michael Jackson ? Who exactly got onto the customer improvement development thing you sent out a year or so ago ? What on earth is going on at Steinberg ?
Developers arn’t always right and vice versa with the user, but sometimes there are people who help develop the program who don’t even use it.
I would highly start recommending for Steinberg to start listening to the thousands of electronic producers on these forums who have been using DAWs for years and years. These live sound aspects of Cubase are killing it.

Don’t tell me otherwise, cause I don’t even wanna hear it. I don’t even care if the VST Transit works for you and you have fun with it because thats beside the point too. I do not want to buy new version of Cubase Pro 9 just to discover some new marketing videos with that Australian dude collaborating with “Crash” (how much did you pay him?) talking about VST Transit and how cool or fun it is…

The next 2 versions of Cubase are going to be crucial in seeing whether or not I am going to continue using Cubase as my main DAW, I have no problem letting go with things that have past their due time.

not to mention that these kind of things is what really made me decide to go into the eurorack modular world aswell because alot of DAWs are focusing on the wrong things and users are waiting for long over due functionality implementations and optimisations.
Once I have my eurorack fleshed out enough with effects and all the rest of it, there will literally be no need for me to use anything inside the box besides the Split Tool and a sampler.
Working inside the box these days just seems to be getting worse and worse. One decent update every couple of years which usually introduces more bugs that don’t get dealt with until later on etc etc. continuous viscous cycle.
There is pretty much no point using any software except for a 1 DAW to use as a tape recorder and for arrangement. Software is just gonna bring you down in this day and age because its all about marketing and making money, nothing else.

and once my eurorack is properly fleshed out you won’t see me in the forums anymore cause im done. Im just going to leave these DAW companies futures upto your stupid no brains Marketing directors and Development director bosses because all I need is 1 Audio track.

Why is there no resources on the forums as to whats actually getting prioritised and currently in development etc etc ?


try not let the BS get to you people, keep banging out that good music :ugeek: