Non-breaking hyphen (lyrics)

I need to have a lyrics text without breaks like this tied to ONE note only: la - la

On Windows, as always, it should work like this: la[ALT0160][ALT0173][ALT0160]la

But it seem that Dorico correctly interprets the non-breaking spaces (0160), but not the non-breaking hyphens (0173).

When typing the [ALT0173] code, Dorico does insert the hyphen, but when going on, the hyphen vanishes.

Any idea, my friends? Thank you. :slight_smile:

For a non-breaking hyphen, hold down Alt when pressing the hyphen in lyric popover.

For a non-breaking space, press Shift-Alt-spacebar.

I’m sorry, Dan, but this topic has been dealt with MANY times (and I’m almost always in them…) and no, the alt-hyphen given by Academico font does not fill the needs…
I have to use another font and use the accurate unicode codes, until Daniel creates that hyphen in his font :wink:

Sorry Marc, but I didn’t know the alt-hyphen wouldn’t do what the OP wants (and a subsequent search of the forum didn’t return any immediate mention of it not working, though I do remember vaguely some discussion about em- and en-dashes, if that’s what you mean).

The non-breaking hyphen works just fine for me and I use it from time to time, hence my reply, but perhaps because I’m using a different lyric font. Not sure what font the OP is using, but I use Minion Pro exclusively and have never had a problem with it.

I’m assuming this is what the OP wants, which I accomplished using Shift-alt-space and alt-hyphen:


Yes, you’re right. It works for you because you’re not using Academico. The hyphen produced with Academico is too long.

Thank you, but nothing new there, I’m afraid. I am a professional IT trainer and programmer. The way “we” do this, is what I already told, la[ALT0160][ALT0173][ALT0160]la, where ASCII Code [ALT0160] is a non-breaking space, [ALT0173] is a non-breaking hyphen. That SHOULD work under Windows.

As I also said, in Dorico the non-breaking space inserted as an ASCII Code is just fine, but the non-breaking hyphen first APPEARS in lyric popover, but then vanishes when the non-breaking space is added (it seems to overwrite the hyphen). Font is Academico.

I tried several other very standard fonts, too, from Arial to Times New Roman to Courier New. All the time the same problem.

Solution: Utilising for example the Windows Character Map, the Academico (or any other font) STANDARD Hyphen-Minus [U+002D (0x2D)] can be copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted to Dorico lyrics. Sort of surprisingly, this does not advance the lyrics cursor. Works fine but this should not be the way for us to have to do it. But anyway, Academico still CAN be used. :slight_smile:

U+00AD = ALT0173 is not a non-breaking hyphen, it is a soft hyphen. The non-breaking hyphen is at U+2011 = ALT8209, but Academico has no glyph defined at this code point (nor indeed at U+00AD, but this is normal).

I’m familiar with the ASCII codes for the hard space and hyphen, having had to use them for years in Finale. I was quite thrilled with Dorico’s simpler solution, and as I said, Minion Pro has always worked fine in this regard, as a simple non-breaking hyphen has been all I’ve needed! (Also, em-dashes work as expected. I’ve been using a macro for those anyways: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-minus).

I’ll not go on and on, but I had used Alt-0151 for years for the em-dash, and when I got a new laptop last year, it stopped working. All the other ASCII codes worked fine, like German characters and such, and the em-dash was correct in the character map, but… nothing. Didn’t work in Finale or Dorico (it still worked in MS Word). Hence my foray into macros. Baffling. [/OT]

I use the codes without problems with Linux Libertine O in Dorico, so to me it is a font issue with Academico…