Non-existent support

I’ve been trying to activate my Cubase 9 update from 8.5 for a week now. The LCC tells me that I’ve used my activation code - which I clearly have not. I have emailed Steinberg without success. I have opened up 2 support tickets (7 and 3 days ago) and absolutely no one at Steinberg is interested in solving my problem. I even posted on their Facebook-page.

Cubase 9 update is paid for, downloaded and installed, maintenance of the LCC works like a charm - but it won’t let me use my activation code.

Please, Steinberg, this is not a way to treat loyal users (I’ve been a registered user since 2003). Just fix it, goddamn!

You need to telephone them. I always get great service by going this route. Go to tthe support page then contact and look for phone support.
The guys at Steinberg are seriously busy right now with a major level of enquiries for help after the launch of 9pro. You have to pop up on the phone to get them immediately! And… I got the same issue with my activation/registration.