NON-Kontakt VST Sax and Flugelhorn

Now that you guys have helped me select a VST drum plugin…

Any suggestions for sax and flugelhorn VSTs?

3 qualifications:

  1. Good sound
  2. Integrates well with Cubase
  3. NOT Kontakt; I don’t want to spend $400 for the privilege of buying and using one or two instruments.

BTW: I’m aware of VSL’s reduced pricing this month for both instruments.

I don’t have any specific VSTi suggestions. But I wanted to point you to KVR if you didn’t already know they exist. Among other things they have a huge database of info on plug-ins and VSTi’s. Great resource when you are looking for something specific and/or something totally new to you.

Also are you aware there are 2 different flavors of Kontakt instruments. Some require the full version of Kontakt, but others only require the free Kontakt Player. The maker of the VSTi will specify which is needed.

Thanx, raino. I put the site on my favorites.
Yes, I’m aware of the 2 Kontakt flavors.

An update:

I got the VSL Flugelhorn (“standard library”; it doesn’t come as a “full library”), and I’m very impressed with the sound quality and wide range of articulations.

Now I can take my time trying to find the right tenor sax, since I don’t need it right away.

Please come back if you do find a really good tenor sax…I’ve been looking for a very long time.

Right now, I’m leaning toward the VSL tenor sax (“full” or “extended” version). I checked with the company, and they say it’ll work with the included player. I’m very pleased with what that player does for the company’s flugelhorn.
I’ve listened to demos of several Kontakt saxes that were excellent (to my ear). But the best ones require the full version of Kontakt, and I can’t afford to pay an extra $400 to play a $100 instrument on my DAW.
As I mentioned earlier, I’m not in a rush to get a tenor sax. The current VSL “sale” is only 4% off list, not enough to make me scramble. I’ll check around to see if anyone has a feel for when Vienna historically has a real sale.
I’ll post whatever new I discover about VSL’s – or any other company’s – tenor sax.