Non latch keyswitch

I cannot figure out how to get this program to switch only while the trigger note is held. It is latching.

There are some VX programs that work perfect, but the settings are hidden and locked, so I can’t figure from that.
I have had it working before, but I don’t know how to actually configure it.

Tried the manual, can’t find what I need there…

Please don’t tell me I have to close some condition to false, that’s ridiculous. There should be a simple button for this, and this sort of thing should be intuitive as it is in all other programs? It’s been a week now.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Key Switch mode is in the Trigger section of the Sound tab.


Thanks. But where do you define keyswitch behavior?

I want a traditional keyswitch. I press a designated (non note) key and while that key is held the main sound is exchanged for an articulation.

The way it is set, using my designated key latches onto the articulation.

I’m not likely to use ‘bend up’ or ‘harmonic’ thru an entire song, usually I use that stuff occasionally, I thought that there would be an easy facility to just choose?

Does anyone know the answer to this?

Perhaps i’m not understanding what you need correctly, but toggling the Keyswitch Mode to Temporary will get you a non-latching KSW, that’s what it’s there for. See attached gif (converting a factory preset with key-switches to Temporary mode).
temp ksw.gif

Thank You Raino.

Now why did I have to go thru the manual section 5 times and not get that?

Yes that is perfect, I knew it should be something very simple.