Non-Native VSTs causing Cubase Not to respond

Hey all ran into something odd and thought I’d check and see if anyone else has had the same issue. I downloaded some free VSTs, TaL, Mr Tramp 2, VB3, and, some minimoog thing. After I installed everything into my VST plugin folder. I began working on some drum tracks. When I went to add some effects Ambience, Blockfish and some compressors from the Abbey Road suite, they all cuased Cubase to just sit there until it went to Cubase not responding. A few other non-native VSTs like BlueCat are working but, the rest nope. I’m running Cubase 6 on OSX Snow Lepoard (whatever the lates version is still not sure of Lion yet and now a new OS is comming out ehh!)

In any case I was going to go through and remove the VSTs that aren’t working and then just reinstall the ones I want, a little spring cleaning in the VST department wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this?


Aloha M,

Gone thru this many times in the past and I’m sure you have heard this before.

Some things just do not play well
with other things and
they can effect still other things
even AFTER you have removed
the offending thing(s).

You are doing the right thing when you posted:

Also be very careful with free stuff.

I have a separate partition set up on my HD just to try out
new/free stuff.

If it works, I will move those files over to the ‘working’ partition.


Thanks man, good advice about trying it out on a separate HD.