non responsive Support team

hi there, i hope i’m posting in the correct forum. i have opened support tickets and no one has contacted me in over 3 days. i’m desperate as i’m unable to perform my work.

basically my dongle died, instead of waiting for support to RMA it (i got it in Apriil), i went ahead and purchased a new dongle.

now i tried putting the software license on it, but the error i get is that my activation code has been used already and to contact my vendor for activation help (which is Steinberg as i bought direct).

no one will respond to my case that I opened via MySteinberg and i’m desperate.

You can’t activate the same code on the new dongle. You have to transfer it from one dongle to the other. I’m not sure where you live, but as far as I know your only option is to send the defective dongle back to Steinberg or through whoever does support in your region.

Have you downloaded the latest e licenser and tried inserting both dongles into USB ports and transferring your license? When I had 3 slave pcs I moved my licenses between pcs this way…I am assuming the dongle still lights up…but if it doesn’t then this won’t help

thanks for your responses. this happened to me back in april and i sent the dongle in. they fixed it… albeit it took 2 weeks. this time around, they have not even responded to the tickets and it has been 3+ days.

the dongle doesn’t light up at all. it is completely dead. what can i do to get them to respond? there is no phone number where i can reach someone.

this is horrible.

If I was completely dependent upon Cubase for my living, I would have another full licenced copy on a dongle, just for these situations. Well we do, but only because we were using it.

With iLok, this situation would have been covered by ZDT and you would be up and running on a temp licence valid for the couple of weeks while you wait for a replacement dongle.

So, lack of support might get some to buy another licence, but new buyers would be wary of a company that operates that way.

Unless you already did this you could apply for a trial and you’ll have a 30 day licence you can use while you get this sorted.