Non standard surround configurations

Is it possible to create custom surround configurations? What I want is a surround configuration that allows multiple stereo child busses. The best I can find is Quadro, but this is only 2 stereos, and I need at least 4. All the others presets allow no more than one extra stereo, but this uses the wrong speakers, so it is no use to me anyway. Any suggestions welcome.


Try using the Mixer Delay plugin. You can reassign outputs with it on the right side.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll have a look at this to see how it works. Never used any of this stuff before. :blush:

Edit: I’ve looked at the plug, and I don’t think it will help me in this case. Basically what I need to do is feed 4 stereo tracks into a multi channel format Group channel, which consists of 4 stereo tracks, so each original audio track has its own 2 channels. I got close, by creating a surround output configuration and using Child busses and routing back into Nuendo, but this doesn’t give me enough stereo feeds, so I’m stuck. The Mix delay plug would only do something when it is inserted in the Group channel, but by then it’s too late to route the audio correctly. I even tried routing it using the little panner on the stereo tracks, but that was fairly useless, as I couldn’t get it to feed only 2 channels at once, apart from the 1st 2 channels.

As i said this is fairly easy in other DAWs, but I can’t figure out how to do it in Nuendo. Thanks for trying to help though.


Maybe try splitting the stereo files up into mono? might have a little more flexibility?

I guess I could use a Mix Delay plug on each channel to do that. It seems to be getting rather complicated though. :frowning:


Maggot software has a new plug for protools called Spanner… check that out.

Would that do what you want?

It looks really complicated, but I wouldn’t need it if I was working in Pro Tools, because you can already do what I want in that DAW. It’s just Nuendo that seems to be behind the curve on this one.


Hi DG, and anyone else who is interested.

A little work around for what you might want to do with a multichannel plug (I’m thinking of something like SPAT).
(Thanks to Kid Dropper Sound for the Mixer Delay idea).

It looks like the greatest number of channels one can get is 12. So assuming you’d like to utilise all of these in on instances of insert plugin name here

(1) In VST connections Output tab, create 3x10.2 outputs.
(2) Right click each one and create 2 stereo child buses for each of the 3 outputs. – I’m not 100% sure what I used, since I’m no longer in the studio, but it was most likely: L-R, and Ls-Rs.
(3) Let’s assume you have 6 stereo audio tracks/VSTi labeled (A)(B)©(D)(E)(F), route them as follows:
(A) First 10.2 output child bus: L-R
(B) First 10.2 output child bus: Ls-Rs
© Second 10.2 output child bus: L-R
(D) Second 10.2 output child bus: Ls-Rs
(E) Third 10.2 output child bus: L-R
(F) Third 10.2 output child bus: Ls-Rs
(4) Check the outputs in the mixer are all metering.
(5) In the mixer, load a Mixer Delay plugin on each 10.2 output.
(6) Set the first Mixer Delay outputs as follows:
L to channel 1, L to channel 2, Ls to channel 3, and Rs to channel 4 – all other channels can be disabled/muted/unrouted/annihilated :smiling_imp:
(7) Set the second Mixer Delay outputs as follows:
L to channel 5, L to channel 6, Ls to channel 7, and Rs to channel 8
(8) Set the third Mixer Delay outputs as follows:
L to channel 9, L to channel 10, Ls to channel 11, and Rs to channel 12
(9) Create 3 lots of 10.2 Audio tracks, set the input to be each of the 3 outputs from points (1)-(8)
(10) Pop them in a folder and put the monitoring speaker on, solo defeat as necessary.
(11) Create a 10.2 Group channel
(12) Route the 3 audio tracks to the group.
(13) Pop your multi-channel plug on that group.

It’s that simple… I’m actually quite surprised it wasn’t second nature to you… sarcasm alert

Hope that’s helpful. Let me know if there are any mistakes above and I can amend and take full credit :slight_smile:



Edit:- for maximum efficiency utilise the Centre and LFE channels in the child buses, then you only need 2 lots of 10.2 outputs, each with 3 child buses.

Faster workaround:

Use ProTools… :smiley:


:laughing: :mrgreen:



Has there been any improvement on this issue? I ran into it again today. The workaround is so clunky, and even Reaper can do this better.