non-UAD Fairchild 760 64-bit that sounds the most like it?

Plug-in, not hardware! :wink:

I’ve used the UAD-1 Fairchild for years, but may be migrating to a new system which may or may not have a PCI slot I want to stick the UAD-1 card into. Not sure if the fear of incompatability with such an old technology in a new rig is justified, but having read about problems doing that, and hearing that the stock Cubase 7 effects are pretty good, I was thinking of abandoning the UAD-1 card.

Not getting into what does or doesn’t sound like the hardware unit, wondering if anyone had thoughts about any other specific Fairchild 760 plug-ins.


edit … PS: 64-bit

Waves do a fairchild plugin
As does iK

I would start their price wise the waves one is more but can handle more pushing. I found the ik one starts to distort if pushed to much where the waves doesn’t.

Not fairchild but I personally would look at softube their compressor plugins are very nice. you wont regret it.

Thanks, andyath!

The Waves one sounds nice. I don’t have any other Wave plug-ins, will look at it some more, especially to see if it still needs an iLok (which I don’t have a need for otherwise). Will also check out ik … someone told me they are just 32-bit, but maybe that’s urban legend (have edited my post to 64-bit).

Softube - will keep in mind for down the road, though my task at hand is UAD-1 Fairchild replacement.

Thank you again!

Softube are on ilok waves no longer are and they are 64 bit now.

Keep an eye on the waves site they are doing lots of deals at the moment. :wink:

ik multimedia t-racks are 64 bit now. ed

It’s on sale with a pultec for good measure

I purchased the Waves versions of the Fairchild just because I wanted to get “as native as possible” in the future… Though I love the Classic Compressor Collection (Waves, 1176 etc) a lot I never get used to the Pultecs and Fairchilds - I prefer the UAD versions here. I do not know why, I am just getting the results I need with the UAD versions, with the Waves not. Maybe this is a matter of “how used” you are to the plugin…

During those “sales” periods you can get those waves versions that cheap that they are no brainer…

I purchased the new version (for UAD2) during the XMass sales - though my oppinion was NOT to spend any more money for DSP stuff… But well… it just sounds good…

I have used both UAD and Waves, my personal taste is the UAD sounds much better. It sounds good enough to use just to color track or master and tighten bass. Waves makes great stuff though and if I hadn’t used right next to the UAD I would have loved it. Same with 1176 for me…I have been debating ditching my Motu 8pre and Steinberg MR816csx along with the UAD 2 PCIe for the Apollo, but that’s another thread lol

I honestly think that the recently updated UAD FairChildren (660 & 670) are the bees knees, and even though I also own the Waves ones they simply never get used.
Cannot comment on the IK versions as I don’t have them.


I am just testing those new FairChildren as well as Pultecs as well as 1176s etc - thanks to the XMass-Sale I have them all now… I am very pleased with those goodies!

BUT it is like it is - the UAD Quad looks old now - those new versions using 10 times as much DSP then the Legacy versions… rendering a single Quad system to something like we had 10 years ago when adding the first UAD1 to the system… Buäää :cry:

I just picked up the UAD MXR & Fairchildren as well.
I only run two solo cards so DSP power is at a premium.
I find the new Fairchilds to be quite usable as far as DSP goes.
I use the legacy versions on individual tracks (LA-2A, 1176, etc)
and save the MKII versions for Groups.
I get a lot of mileage out of those 2 solos but it is time to grab a used quad off of ebay.
They are finally starting to sell at the right prices. ($500.00 - $650.00)

Anyway to get back on topic…
These aren’t Fairchild sims but great compressors just the same.
You didn’t mention 32bit vs 64bit so make sure you’ve got that correct.


Density MKII

Massey has some great stuff for VST as well. Again 32bit.

From my own experience… like most others not actually owning the real thing…

waves version is darker than uad mk1 version, less tweakable, brings mid range out more… quite nice on snares!
uad mk1 definitely brighter and more ‘modern’ and less coloured… incredible on acoustic guitar :smiley:
i think the waves version is closer to the uad mk2 fairchild than the mk1 although the mk2 is more coloured/characterful/tweakable and sounds more non linear to my ears… waves version is worth having though, particularly if it’s on sale…

as mentioned TDR Comp is very nice too… and FREE!!! :smiley:… nothing like the fairchild though…

Outtakes would be cool :laughing:

What are your license conditions?

Happy New Year to you too.