Nondestructive level normalization

I am looking for a way to nondestructively level normalize to a digital peak an entire montage in WL10. I know I can just go to the audio edit panel and level normalize to whatever I wish (such as -.3dB), but it alters the original file which I don’t wish to do as this is destructive. This is a massive reel to reel digitization project and for historical reasons I wish to keep the audio unaltered as it came off the machine.

I have looked at the Meta Normalizer in the Montage Process section, but I am not looking to alter loudness to a certain level, just raise the entire montage so that the peak is -.3dB.

Just looking for a more elegant solution than doing math for over 500 montages.

Thank you

Normally, loudness has to be normalized, not the peaks, that don’t reflect the perceived loudness.
What is the reason you wish to normalize peaks?

Normalizing is always changing the level, if that is destructive enough you can’t normalize…
The level normalizing is just a change in level. Not more involved.

and to keep the original files is easy with a batch process…

This is true, but Loudness normalizing can be too “just a change in level”, as far as no clipping occurs. This is one thing the meta-normalizer can do/control.

This also means, through the Montage meta-normalizer, you can indirectly normalize to peaks, by choosing a high loudness target, while activating the peak limiting in the same time.
No compression algorithm happens.

Thank you as this is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want to compress/maximize anything, just raise the levels.