None existent notes play when midi editor is open


My title is bad because I don’t know how to explain this easily–sorry. My problem is as follows:

I created a midi drums part (kick, snare, cymbal, ets) on one track. Later, I copied that track so I could play an additional instrument with the same midi-or some subset of it. This all worked fine.

Now, I decided I want to edit one of the two tracks. When I open the duplicate track new midi events (a few) play in places where no midi events exist–this is in addition to what I see on screen. Example, at 1.3 a quiet snare hit occurs and at 2.0 a bass drum hit occurs. When I solo the editor, no sound is heard at these points. The same thing happens if I edit either the original or the duplicate midi parts.

I opened the two instruments assigned to the tracks in question and I was very surprised to find that when I playback the parts the sound was emanating from the original channel’s instument-- the first of two Battery4.0 instantiations. Yet, I can find no midi events anywhere to explain it.

Finally, I have no hidden tracks–that I can find–and I have exposed my lanes in both tracks and no additional ones are found.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?

Best, Ted