Nonexistent support?

I was thinking on buy this product but seeing the king of support this company has, now I’m not sure about this.

I’m used to be answered in 1 or 2 business days, and here I’m, 2 weeks later. I write two pre-customer questions 14 days ago (yes, that’s two weeks), and I’m still waiting for reply. MySteingberg support section show there was an activity 4 days after I write this two question, but that’s all, activity = no answer, maybe read?

This are my tickets if anyone from this company is interested:
ticket ID# 29503
ticket ID# 29514

So as tittle says, Is there any support at all on this company?

You probably wouldn’t know it, but WL is a unique software title where the main developer is very active in this support forum. You can’t get better support - or even follow-up on functional suggestions. Official Steinberg support I have no experience with, but it wouldn’t equal the afore mentioned.

So if you copy/paste your ticket numbered questions, I’m sure someone is able and willing to help.

Thanks for answer. Well if that’s the case, While I wait for the official support, I’m going to ask another 3 questions that pop-up my mind in all this time.

I agree with Arjan that this is the best place for WaveLab support. Unless you are having admin problems with your MySteinberg account and licenses, this is the place to come to. PG who is the main WaveLab developer will usually answer you directly, as well as some other users that may know the answers.

It’s the opposite model of Pro Tools and Logic in my opinion, and a very unieque feature of WaveLab.

PG is, in general, great.

The official Steinberg support is beyond dreadful. So the response above are correct, in so far as it goes. Once you purchase the product you will find PG helpful.

However if you have something like a registration issue or some other problem where you -need- help from corporate? GOOD LUCK! One hates to spread rumours, but to paraphrase the Bard -something- is rotten in Hamburg. A big company like Yamaha shouldn’t tolerate such a terrible customer service experience. It makes me wonder…


Yep - just post your questions in this forum here and the users will help you - or even PG himself if need be - he is very active here… Wavelab support through this forum is EXCELLENT.


As much as i can apreciate answers from the comunity or moderator, I have a simple rule. Don’t buy products from company that can’t answer in less than one week.

Right now I’ve already wait 3 weeks, and still waiting for an answer. That’s enought for me.

Good luck with your products and your company, you are going to need it.

No luck needed. I’ve been on Wavelab for probably 15 years now - Wavelab support here on the forum is EXCELLENT. You called the wrong place before… This forum is the right place…

So with that in mind, how can we help you? Post your questions here and we’ll try to help.

I mentioned the same thing a week ago, but apparently an email reply from the wrong place is desired, not necessarily a helpful answer on this forum. How ‘simple rules’ can get in ones way…

aha, the support is the wrong place. sure.
But if a cubase problem is not solved on this board we hear just the opposite: "this is not the official support board you have to open a support ticket.

This behavior is so unbeleavable.

So the PAYING customer has t know: with program “a” I don’t dare to open a ticket but with program “b” I don’t dare to write in this forum.

pathetic (to quote Gordon Ramsay)

I’ve always thought support has been pretty great, always got a response in a few days.

I’ve seen a few things lately around the Internet about slow or no WaveLab support via the MySteinberg portal which is unfortunate. Luckily I don’t think I’ve ever had to use it but from what I understand, the support is divided up by country or region with I think makes no sense in today’s world. I know things get complicated when larger companies are involved though.

It really makes me appreciate some of the smaller companies like Cockos/REAPER and some of the plugin developers. The support is very direct, personal, and usually fast. Getting any decent personalized support for Logic or Pro Tools seems a bit tricky too though. I don’t use Pro Tools much anymore but with that too, it seems like the forum is a faster and more direct approach unless you have some account/admin stuff that needs to be handled behind the scenes.

As others mentioned, if you have any problems using the app itself or questions about how to do something, this is definitely the place to do it.

Maybe Yamaha/Steinberg needs to find the resources to add a few more global WaveLab support specialists for those that don’t know about the forum or have the patience for it, though I’m happy with the support PG generously offers here. I’ve helped a few people over on the WaveLab Users Facebook group with some relatively minor things. Seems that some people are really locked into a certain way of using the internet.

Well, it makes perfect sense if you want to help people in their own language, not everyone is fluent in English. Which ofcourse is no excuse for support lacking in response - the division itself shouldn’t interfere with the quality of support.

FWIW, I had to contact support in the US about an authorization issue when setting up a new laptop this week. They got back to me in less than 24 hours with a few follow-ups in the same day to fully resolve the issue.

I give it an A.


Where else can you get help from the person who basically wrote the program?

I sometimes wish that some one would fund PG and pay to get Wavelab away from Steinberg and Yamaha as I think they do more to give WL a bad name than anyone else with their lack of support. FWIW

Agreed. Sometimes though for account and authorization issues you need to go through the Sternberg support which I hear can be slow but I recently had good luck with the US support team.

Let me pile on… every instance of support I have ever needed in the last 13 yrs has been met with expeditious replies, succinct and accurate information and has helped me get through issues I would not have resolved on my own

My first post to this forum was a response to this thread. Unfortunately, PG took it down. I’ll repeat [DO NOT STRIKE THIS POST]

If you are dissatisfied with WL support, I suggest you code your own software, because as someone who has used or deep demoed every mastering application available, show me one other place where you can interact with the developer. I’ll wait… Yeah, thought so. (the two I can think of are not even at WL version 1’s functionality, so I don’t count them. Sorry, they’re 5 to 10 years out).

Every audio software developer has to deal with development, concerns about security, and making enough money to pay expenses. They must do this in a market where:

a) The user base numbers are small (compared to most software titles)
b) Some of the user base whine that they want a 40% discount on the $500 software (That should sell for $3500 if it were listed by any of the competitors). And who’s upgrades are $99 (when everyone else’s range from $800 to full price!)

So, yeah, if you think it stinks here, you are in for a rude awaking. Good luck.

Do not strike this, PG. Do not.

PS I wish I could burn a CD.

First and before I continue, I have to say that I got answered my two question in a very professional way BUT one month later. They seem to have some problems and it seems the time was not right (Berlin expo).

I started this post not because the software does not worth it, or it’s not cheap/expensive against competitors, or have or not have a good or bad forum support.

I was talking about the company support. And even you get answered your question, people should know that this support, right now is slow. Maybe it will change on the future.

So for my part, a moderator can close this post if they want.