Nonsense changes in Cubase 12 that make life harder?

Can I ask the developers why did you make some changes that don’t really make sense other than making work slower/harder? Or at least I don’t see a different point.

Part editing mode
It has only two states - one / all. What was a simple on/off button is now a menu. More clicks. And I need to switch it very often. Plus the new icon with not so clearly visible state. What was a clear “glow on/glow off” is now “one layer glowing / three layers glowing”. Something that a person need to really look at for seeing the state.

Input transformer
It was right here. What is there now? Nothing. Why? Well I guess it wasn’t clear what kind of a transformer is it, but that could be very easily done with a color code. Not glowing - off, glowing orange - project transformer, glowing green - local transformer, or something like that. You see the color and you know immediately. Don’t have to read anything, the same with the part editing mode. You see it glowing, you know. Don’t have to study how many are glowing.
Earlier when I clicked the transformer type, it automatically opened the panel so I could set it up. Now? I have to click through the menu two times to get it. Why?

Logical editor
What was two clicks to apply a preset is now opening a whole new panel and digging through that. It may feel more organized at first, but what I see in “more organized” is it should help do the job faster, this does not.
EDIT: Ok, turned out this is actually a good thing, the preset panel stays open so I don’t have to dig through the menu every time

Those are changes I noticed right away that really bug me off because I use them very often. I’m sure there is more of them. Users can expand on the listy

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Because dumb is the new common sense. Not just Steinberg unfortunately, although they are usually ahead of the game when it comes to nonsense like this.

You might want to add an issues tag so it gets noticed by the devs