Noob compatibility question - Elements 9 /us-122/win7x64

Please excuse the potentially annoying question :confused: I’m just getting back into music production since resurrecting my pc after about 5 years of downtime. I bought a Tascam US-122 with Cubase LE5 way back. I knew it was already outdated then, but that’s what I used for my brief stint at college so I was kinda familiar with it.
Fast forward to now and I’m already pretty much resigned to purchasing Elements 9, but I wonder if anyone could tell me whether I will have any compatibility issues with such an old interface? I know Tascam no longer release drivers for it, though I did have it working in 2012 with asio4all. I like the us122, its a reassuringly bulky item, I’m only bedroom recording, and don’t really wanna fork out an extra £100+ on a new one when mine is perfectly functional.
I appreciate any and all help and advice in the matter, and if you could keep it as layman as possible, I’d appreciate that also! :smiley:
Many thanks


That particular interface has not been discontinued for sometime and the last driver was for XP or Vista. Even using asio4all you may have issues with the interface functioning.

I would suggest getting into an interface that is not discontinued that has drivers for Windows 7.

I don’t recall which version it was, but the US-122 I had stopped functioning many years (and at least 2 computers) ago when a new version of Windows was released. I think your gonna have to get something vaguely modern.