Noob Question - Building a Standalone VSTGUI Application


I wonder if anyone can help. I’m trying to work my way through the tutorials, and in Part 2 of the Use VSTGUI to Design a User \interface it says “If you now open your plug-in editor, you will see a blank editor”. What editor?

I’ve built some of the provided examples, and can open these in the editor, but don’t understand how to build a standalone version of my own VSTGUI app.

Can anyone guide me, on how to create a new VST using the Project Generator, and then build a standalone version of it?

Many thanks,

Launch your preferred host and instantiate your plug-in in there and then open the UI of your plug-in. This is the editor of your plug-in.

The SDK does not support building a standalone version of your plug-in out of the box.

Ok that does make sense. Thank you for your reply!