Noob Questions: FL Studio in Cubase

I’m a Cubase noob - I’ve had it 4 days. I also have a full install of FL Studio Producer on this same PC. When I go to add a track I see in “Other” it offers me FL Studio VSTi and FL Studio VSTi (Multi). What’s the difference between those choices?

…ALSO _ I had no trouble pulling over various synths from FL Studio by just adding a new path in the VST Plugin Manager. I’ve tried GMS, Sakura, DirectWave and they all work fine in Cubase, although it took some fiddling to get all the preset files in the right place. But the one synth I really wanted was Sytrus and Cubase can’t “see” that one even when you point the VST Plugin Manager directly at it. Any thoughts on that?


Sorry, I don’t know FL Studio, but IV other VSTis, the “Multi” means, you get multiple Audio Returns of the Instrument available. So you can route for example Kick to one Cubase channel and Snare to other one.

The non-Multi version provides one stereo Audio Return only.


I’m probably about to say something really stupid, but: Doesn’t sytrus work from within the FL Studio plug-in when you load an instance? Isn’t that the whole point?

So theoretically, if you loaded a FL Studio VSTi in Cubase, and then went into said FL Studio plug-in and loaded(?) a project(?) that used Sytrus, what would happen? Shouldn’t it work?