Noobie needs help with recording Instrument

I do mostly live audio guitar and keys recording but have been trying to add soft drums to my stuff. I got stuck on a project where I wanted to add drums using Groove Agent with the Simon Phillips Jazz expansion. For most of the tune, I added a pattern and that worked fine. But I just wanted to add a couple of freehand cymbal crashes at the end and couldn’t get that to work. I set up GA with the Mid Swing Brush kit, found the two ride cymbals I wanted to use and then got stuck.

The main drum part had its own track on Ch1 and I just dropped the pattern from GA on it and copied it to fill the tune. Then I created a second drum track on Ch2 and tried recording while playing the two cymbals. I tried playing them both by using the GA window and by using my Alesis V25 MIDI controller to trigger the cymbals. In GA, I tried clicking on the pads and clicking on the picture of the drum kit. Using the V25, i tried the keys (after finding the right triggers) and the assignable pads. While I was able to trigger the sounds, Cubase didn’t record them.

I’ve tried recording Instrument sounds on their own and had some success. But it seems to be this combination of pads and instruments in GA that causes a problem. What am I doing wrong?

“Cubase didn’t record them.”

I know what you are saying. I spent hours watching youtubes and none of them replicated for me to make this work! Why the drums don’t record midi into a track while you free hand play them is beyond belief. I put the same question out there … NOTHING … I’m thinking putting the question out there to Steinberg.

Cubase 10.5 LE

Works fine for me.

The obvious first.
Is the track record enabled?
Is the midi input set up on the track? You may be hearing track 1 if it is enabled and not the new track and think you are recording on track2.

A screengrab would be handy.