NorKeys Font (keyboard diagrams)


I thought this may interest the publishers or any piano teacher.

NorKeys font can be used to design custom chord diagrams for keyboards or pianos. It allows you to draw the keys of the piano. NorKeys font can be used to highlight the pitch(s)/key(s) to play, and it may even be useful for teaching any elementary piano/keyboard harmony lesson, or for putting chord diagrams above a lead-sheet, allowing students to watch and understand the structure of any chord, voicing, or even a scale.For more information about the NorKeys font, please click the PDF links below :

You can get NorKeys font from the link shown below:


Awesome work @NorFonts !

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This is the sort of thing I love… using OTF to make creative font solutions. Great work!

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Is this font still available? Link is dead.

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Hi Dan,

Try this:

@dan_kreider please check Notation Central’s website.

Purchased! It works great.

I did find it looks much better to my eye with a vertical scale of 70%, which was easy to do in ID. Great work on the font!

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Glad that you like the font Dan!