Normal vs Plain Time Signature Font

Is there a way to get the Plain time signature font to look like the Normal time signature font?

Well, the obvious answer is “use the Normal setting”! :rofl:

Can you explain why you need the Plain setting, but actually looking like the other option.?

The Plain setting uses a standard alphabetic text font, not a SMuFL music font, so you need a text font that looks like music numbers. Try Monotype Modern, Bodoni; fonts like that.

What do you mean? haha

Nah, I was hoping to use a Normal signature for the parts and a Plain signature for the score but have the same design. I want to fool around with the font size etc and thought it might be an easy way to have my cake and eat it too.

I’ve changed the time signature scale factor for the score and it will be fine for now.

These things can all be done in Layout Options > Time Signatures (per layout, of course).

Sorry Mark, maybe I’m not describing what’s in my head properly.

I want the Normal and Plain fonts to be essentially the same, so that I can then edit one of them to be different. Then, in Layout Options, I would choose Normal for the parts and Plain for the score or vice versa.

By default, they don’t look the same.

I think you’re going to to define this bit more clearly. What will be the same, and what will be different?

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