Normalization of sound.

Can I normalize the final audio file in Doriсo so as not to use DAW?

I don’t think you can at the time, no.

You could presumably add a normaliser on the master output in Dorico’s Mixer before exporting the audio file?

I think that we include a maximiser in the plugin bundle so you can just add that in the inserts of the output bus. We already include a compressor to try to prevent clipping.

If there was a “normalize” button in Doriсo, then I would do it often without my Logic Pro X.

The problem with normalize is that, until the audio file is calculated, there is no way for Dorico (or any software) to know where the peaks are and what value they have — hence impossible to know which gain must be added (or removed) to the file. I think the maximizer plug-in could give you some results though, but with the quality of a quite highly fed limiter, which is different from a normalize action…

I realized that applications for recording music notes and working with audio files do not exist yet. I still have to work with my head, ears and hands. Maybe it’s even good!

I like to put the following plugins in the Master Effect Slots with Dorico when rendering a score to Audio:

  1. Studio EQ (Typically with a bath-tubish setup to begin with)

  2. ReaXComp Multi Band Compressor (A free plugin that helps me shape a master that can feature frequency ranges I want heard in today’s tiny/crummy multi-media speaker systems/ear buds).

  3. Studio EQ (Touchup EQ)

  4. Stereo Enhancer

  5. Maximizer

  6. UV22HR Dithering if I am rendering to a 16bit format. I typically have my audio card and Dorico set to 24bit 48k so the UV plugin comes in handy to render 16bit mp3 and such.

Obviously Dorico only has 4 slots per channel, so I personally use Bidule as a chainer plugin in to get all 6, but without the chainer I’d still be mixing and matching those plugins none the less.

I believe all of those plugins but the compressor are included with Dorico. This provides quite a bit of utility to shape a quick master. I do have to pull the volume of my amp/speakers down (from their own physical controls) to stay in the room with it when using all this to render.

I’m not a composer. I do backing tracks for the teacher on vocals. I rewrite the piano accompaniments and give the audio files to the teacher, since she does not have an accompanist. It is important for me that the final audio file contains correct author’s musical nuances and preserve the properties of natural performance on the piano. I’m very interested in how this will do Doriсo. Usually I rewrite the notes in Sibelius or Notion for iOS, and then finish in Logic Pro. In general, it suits me, but there are unpleasant moments: shifting accents (strong shares) and I have to finish manually - it’s slow. The most correctly cooperate Sibelius and ProTools, but for ProTools I have a weak computer and I do not plan to strengthen it. Thus, all my hope for Dorico, especially as in Dorico is my native Russian.

Dear kafkindom,
I have used Dorico to create some playbacks for me (on special occasions like singing in a church while there is no “decent” organ player) and I achieved very good results in the app itself.

Maybe Dorico with NotePerformer would give good results.

I usually only use a grand piano, because to practice in the vocal class I need a strictly grand piano. Dorico has a good grand piano, but you can connect some grand piano from Native Instruments. While I did not understand the hot keys of Doriko. I’m used to using a trackpad or mouse. It’s slow or I’m stupid. I hope for a month I’ll learn how to use Dorico.

I paid attention to Doriko because of the ability to record music without the size. Our Orthodox liturgical music often does not have the size and clock features, so in other applications it is difficult to write it. But in Orthodox music there are absolutely no musical instruments - only a cappella. :astonished:

Dear kafkindom,
I was just writing that so that you know that it would probably work for a singing teacher… But of course, a decent piano player is always better!