Normalize at mixdown

Is it possible to normalize an audio file at the audio mixdown?

I think that is getting more in the realm of WaveLab.

Its possible in logic and pt.

I suppose if you have a capable plugin, you can do it, but there is no “Normalizer” included with Cubase.


If you’re importing the audio back into the pool and onto an audio track (which I do most of the time so I can compare different mixes) then you can normailise the clip using the offline processing then Freeze Edits and replace.


Why do you want to normalize your mixdown, Musicmind?

I use Q-Lab in a musical show, where my musical cues are played. The final volume balance between the cues are always done in in Q-lab to save time. Sometimes I need to go back to my studio to make some changes in a cue AFTER the play back volume of the cue has been altered in Q-Lab. By normalize all cues, I’m sure that even a edited cue will fit in with the volume alteration done in Q-Lab.
It’s a bit complicated but I hope you get my point! :smiley:

Ah! I think I follow.

With normalization, you’re always limited by your single highest peak level. As long as you have some headroom left on the clips, it should work (if I’m picturing it correctly).

Would it not work better to simply adjust the clip gain of the cues before mixdown? Or is that too much of a pain?

Or normalize clips before mixdown?

No. In order to normalize, the audio file must be analyzed in order to find the highest peak. It’s impossible to normalize during mixdown because before the mixdown is complete, there is no complete audio file to analyze. You’d need a time-machine to accomplish this.

You need to first export your mix and them re-import it. The export dialog can be set up to do this automatically. Then use Cubase’s Normalize option to normalize the audio file. Then export or bounce (which may be faster) the normalized track to a new audio file. It sounds more complicated than it is.

In Logic you can make the normalization happen just after the bounce, saves a lot of time in my situation, with a lot of cues to process.

Logic had some great features, that Cubase should rip, for sure.

Quicker in this case to use Freeze Edits with Replace rather than Bounce because freeze actually replaces the current file on disk rather than creating a new file, so you don’t end up with a redundant un-normalised file.

Also, I’ll bet someone could write a script using the Post Process feature which normalises the file after it’s been exported… :slight_smile: Perhaps Steinberg are intending to provide some new PP options in V8?


Hi All

The closest option I can think of is to have the file automatically open in Wavelab or Soundforge or whatever and use a KC there to Normalize and save

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It might not be exactly what you’re looking for - but could this be used as an insert on your Master Out?

This thread reminded me that I was intending to try to use the Post Process feature in the Export window to do some automatic file conversion and MP3 tagging sometime… So, I had a quick poke around and created a Normalise option BUT only for Windows because I couldn’t find a standalone normalise tool for Mac :frowning:

Here for posterity, and MS people only:

a) download the ZIP file (5.79 KB)
b) put the contents into C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Audio Export Post Process Scripts
c) download normalize.exe ( from
d) put this in the same dir
e) read the README.txt too

It is possible…


Svenne is on the money here.

When doing an Export Audio Mixdown, you can check one of the Import into Project boxes, as described in the About the Import into Project section on page 644 of the Operation Manual.

Wherever you import it to, you can run the Normalize function, as described on page 306, within the Audio processing and functions chapter on page 302 of the OM.

Note that if your Cubase files are one of the standard audio files, you can just play them as is in WMP or whatever.

[my bad - silly comment]You do know the manual can be your friend sometimes?[/my bad - silly comment]

I know how to Normalize a file. I’m using BarbaBatch. But it would be so much easier in the export situation.

I know the manual :slight_smile: . It is no help here :unamused: . By the way - I don’t always use to import the bounced files, and having to do that also takes some time. Well I have to import the bounced file again and maybe use The Freeze Edit and Replace command.

Okey doke. I fired up my Mac and here you go. Follow the README file for instructions.

Normalize Version 2 for Mac and Win7 : (6.9 KB)