Normalize exported Audio

Hello, is there a way to normalize the exported mp3-file automatically? And if not do you plan to do it for the future? BTW I’m using Noteperformer, which is (perceived) more quiet anyway

Best regards

It’s probably easiest to do this in an audio program - almost any will do, including free software like Audacity, etc. etc.

I think the reason Dorico doesn’t do this automatically (well, at least one reason anyway) is the fact that you do not want a soft strings adagio with only minor swells to be normalized up to nearly as loud as the next movement/flow which has ff trumpets. It does indeed make sense to normalize volume if there is only one flow or you export everything as a single file, but if you normalize flows separately, then weird things could happen. As mentioned, audacity can normalize easily. Wavelab is another nice option—even the entry level and the bundled versions—although they can cost a bit. I use wavelab now, and I like it because there are standard presets that follow various publishing conventions. That said, with all of steinberg’s resources, I’m sure they own rights to their own normalization algorithm so it would be nice to see the option included.

For myself, every time that I can reduce the number of separate tasks that I have to do is a win.

So I use audio plugins for that inside Dorico - instead of export/importing it into another tool, tweaking, and then exporting it again. Plus it helps me not to fool myself that the mix will cover any sins that are really part of the score. :slight_smile: And it keeps me from the temptation to “live with” something in the score because I don’t want go back through all the export/import steps again.