Normalize lufs in C10.5

Hi. Just wondering about this new feature and whether it’s of any use to me.

Am I correct in thinking that if someone sends me stems to mix, I could conform\normalize all the stems to -23 lufs as a starting point for the mix? Or am I missing the point?

I get sent stems in all sorts of states, so a simple way of creating a baseline for mixes would be very handy…

Appreciate any input!

I had the same question but someone answered pointing out the differences between peaks and average loudness.
Where exactly is this option in the menu system?

It’s in Direct Offline Processing. Choose Normalization as the process.

Do you have link to the thread? I couldnt see when I looked through your post history…

Some limited information can be found in the Operation Manual, page 510.

Regards :sunglasses: