Normalize not working


I upgraded from LE AI Elements 7 to LE AI Elements 11 a while back and I’ve never been able to normalize tracks in the newer version. The process looks exactly the same (i.e. select audio to normalise, then audio-process(es)-normalize), but in 11 always it always has the effect of cancelling out the audio on that track (so no sound and graphical representation of sound becomes a flat line).

Any suggestions about how to fix this would be much appreciated. I’m using Cubase 11 version 11.0.40 in Windows 11, 64 bit, i7 processor, 16GB RAM.



There is a settings window that defines the Normalization level.
You need to set a useful level.

BTW, LA AI Elements are three different things.

Thank you, Steffen, I’ll have a look at that.

And thanks for the heads-up about the different versions.