Normalize selected events so that volume remains relative

Is there a way to normalize a number of events so that their individual volumes remain relative to one another?

When I select a few events that all refer to the same clip, and then normalize them, each event is normalized to 0.00db instead of keeping their relative volume. The problem with this is the events all refer to the same guitar riff, so now the different events all play at different volumes e.g. one will play and then when the next event plays the volume will slightly drop or increase.

I created events from regions, regions of a guitar riff.

The only way I have been able to accomplish normalization at relative volumes is to bounce the selected events and then normalize the new audio file, then cut it into the events again.

Is there an easier way? I tried grouping; events to part; but I can’t get the volume to remain relative across the different events.

I hope what I have written makes sense. A good example is a live music recording. If each song in the live set was normalized individually, the volumes of each song would be slightly different compared with normalizing the entire live set as one continuous recording.

An easy way to accomplish this would be to…

  1. analyze the peak level of the loudest event (statistic)
  2. select all according events
  3. raise the level by using the info line (ie. if the loudest event is - 2,3 dbFS, type 2,3 there)

Level relations will keep intact without any further action neccessary.

It’s best to not get too technical with live recordings as only so much can be done with the material and it is the placement of the recording mediums that is the chief technical arrangement.
I don’t know how you’ve recorded but I will leave my recorder on for each set or the whole session and will normalise the blocks before cutting up the individual numbers from the set and exporting them out.
This keeps the recording at the same level for each song.

“1. analyze the peak level of the loudest event (statistic)”

How do I analyze the peak level to find out what it is?

Use the “Statistics” function.

lol cheers!

Easiest way

  1. create a backup track by duplicating the track (important!!)
  2. mute the backup track
  3. select the audio events that you want to be even
  4. Replace the events with Audio->bounce selection. (“Replace?” YES)
  5. now normalize the audio

You do lose your events and might need to reslice the tracks.