Norton Antivirus BSOD Problem Solved

Not a problem, just a solution that worked for me here. I’ve been using Norton 360 for quite a while and was recently experiencing BSOD’s multiple times a day and leading up to that I was getting badly stuttering playback. I put this down to my hardware config but it got so bad recently it became hard to work.

After looking at some Windows crash dumps I found something that related to Norton so I uninstalled and my two DAW’s have been running like a dream ever since. I’m using Ryzen 3900x and 3950x.

I switched to Kaspersky and everything seems to be stable now.

I don’t know which OS you’re running, but if you’re on Win 10 Pro there’s really no need to get an antivirus software. The included antivirus does the job really well.


Running Windows 10 and I do know that the Windows version is meant to be pretty good but I was hoping for something better than just pretty good… and look where that got me :roll_eyes: