Not able to revert to previous font after changing font in part title paragraph style

Hello all,
Changing the font of the part title paragraph style changed it for every layout - is it supposed to do so? If yes, does that mean if I want to create an entirlely new look (book) with my existing material and don’t want my existing layouts to be affected, I should create a new master page template (or a set hereof)?

After changing the font, I was unable to undo my decision.
I checked the button that applies the standard text font (Academico) to the part title paragraph style and clicked OK, but the change is not applied. I need to open the part title editor in each layout to undo my font change.

Maybe Dorico is weekend-sensitive - I did the very same thing today and reverting to Academico worked. No reboot, just an app restart.

Yes, changing a paragraph style’s formatting affects all places where that paragraph style is used - including child paragraph styles that don’t have that aspect overridden.

You don’t necessarily need a new master page or set, you can override the paragraph style locally in one layout (i.e. as a page override) which is sometimes the simplest solution. For safety (and “reproducability”), creating a new master page that’s essentially the same but uses a different, new paragraph style is probably not a bad idea.

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