Not all Groove Agent One kits showing in GA4 media bay.

I just noticed something recently, when you select “All instrument sets” in the GA4 media bay the number of presets listed shows as 243. But when you select a preset with the Cubase preset box at the top of the plug-in the number of presets in the regular media bay shows up as 396.

After a quick check it seems that the standard Groove Agent One kits aren’t showing up in the GA4 mediabay but they are accessible to GA4 through the plugin preset window. In GA4 instead of 96 GA1 kits there are only 30 kits from the Allen Morgan signature set. The other 66 kits from Groove Agent One aren’t showing there. I haven’t checked what else is missing.

More importantly though, it seems that there is no way to add the remaining GA1 presets to the 2nd,3rd and 4th slot in GA4. If selected through the plugin window it will always load in the first slot thereby overwriting current settings.

I was thinking maybe I could move the Allen Morgan presets to the main Groove Agent One folder and then delete the Allen Morgan folder to see if it will force GA4 to see them but I can’t find the presets, I’m not even sure they are accessible for manual editing.

It would be great if one of the Steinberg reps could chime in on this. I would love to be able to mix and match the GA1 kits with the rest of the GA4 library.

In Load > Mediabay click on the Quick Rescan button to refresh the database.

You should have 186 Kits and 23 Multi Programs.

Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn’t help in any way. I still can’t access all GA1 kits through the GA4 media bay or load them into slots 2,3 and 4 using the Cubase plugin preset browser.

Yes I too have this problem and rescan or refresh will not work I also have Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1 & 2
and they do not show up :confused: I find on the mac that Content folders, preset folders etc are all over the place
there is no organization … I wonder if it is like that on the pc …
Steinberg needs to rethink this and re organize :angry:

Thanks for your comments iRan, I agree that there needs to be some kind of change.

I’m a bit underwhelmed with GA4 to be honest, at least in comparison to GA4 SE. The new kits are nice but I would like to be able to swap out single pieces. I feel like I paid €180 just for some presets and extra mixer slots. Where are the folders for snares, kicks, claps etc? Must we go into each kit separately and extract the parts we want? Its not efficient at all. The media browser on the front is virtually useless if all you need to search for is entire kits. If this is supposed to be the Battery killer we expected it to be it needs some changes.

Hm… after a clean install of GA4, I can only see 183 programs and 20 Multi programs. How can I find out what I’m missing?

Ya I had done quick rescan… still no change …

same problem here
i see only the 30 presets from allen morgan in the grooveagent4 mediabay … not the others (like “big beat”)

plz steinberg are you gonna do something so we can manage everything inside only ONE groove agent, the 4th (paid !!!)

Just installed the new Metronimic Cinema preset, and now that is all that shows in MediaBay. Just the 30 kits, no other kits or presets are shown. I remember having a similar problem with Halion and it had to do with where the files were located.

Fixed (Windows7). Seems the default installation was for the current logged-in user only, not ‘all users’ as everything else was set to. It seems that it GA only looks at one or the other location. The Halion problem was identical. Just dragged the files across and everything is now available in MediaBay.

so you managed to have them showing in GA4?
how did you do, where did you move files (wich ones) from to where?

thank you

I was struggeling in the same way as the posters above tonight.

But somehow I have managed to get all Allen Morgan Signature drums vol. 1 & 2, Elek drums to show up in the Groove Agent 4 media bay under Groove Agent One kits. :unamused:

I think it might have the rescan, but it would be great for a Steinberg moderator to confirm this.

I did rescan multiple times, so i doubt it’s the solution … I hope it is but … LOL

The Solution is to run Groove_Agent_ONE_Content.msi and Groove_Agent_ONE_Vintage_Beatboxes.msi from the Additional Content\ folder of your installation media.

I guess SB didn’t include this since it’s superseded by SE.
Who knows, caused me untold lost time…

Thx, I’ll give this a try real soon and keep you posted !

same issue. only allen morgan 30 kits available from the GA one library within GA4. none of these fixes work for me, unless im not moving the vstsound files to the correct place. which files need moving & from where to where, in order to fix this issue?


Sorry more info on my setup & installation:

Win 7 Ultimate fully updated
Running Cubase 8.0.10
Latest version of Grooveagent 4.2
Latest Version of Halion 5
Prime Cuts
Zero Gravity
Dark Planet

It seems the only issue i am facing are the inability to load the original GA One Kits (excluding the Allen & Morgan 30 Kits). I clean installed everything for all users. all the vst sound libraries were installed to the ProgramData subfolder of my C: drive. (I believe it installs to the AppData/Roaming folder if you install for one PC user account only). seems Halion 5 & GA4 are picking up everything else. The 30 kits for Prime Cuts are available for use & all acoustic agents & percussion agent kits. Padshop is seeing the Zero Gravity library. It seems there is just an issue with GA4 reading / locating the original stock kits in the GA one library. the Grooveagent_One_vstsound files are all in the same directory as the AM drums vstsound file & they open within SE4 & GA One within cubase, but not in either the VSTi opr standalone versions of GA4.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


so far the only workaround i have been able to come up with is opening all the missing kits within SE4 & saving them as kits that can then be opened in the full GA4. long winded but it works if like me, nothing else posted in these forums seems to solve the issue.

The original GA ONE kits don’t have any attached pattern data when loaded in SE4 anyway (unless i am missing those too). Next once I have completed saving all these kits, I will try moving them to the Grooveagent ONE presets folder & hope they show up as kits in mediabay in GA4 under the GA ONE kits section, alongside the 30 already visible Allen Morgan kits

Yes thats a way indeed…as I entered manually a ton of VST presets, I should be able to manually re-save every missing kits !!

I just grabbed elek drums and I cannot get them to load :frowning:

Another simple thing, why the “GA mediabay” can’t sync with the “full mediabay”…when I rate a kit in mediabay with 5stars, in the GA mediabay its still 3 stars.

And why is that with the full mediabay you can preview kit before loading it, and you can’t withe the internal GA mediabay???