Not all inputs showing in Side-Chain list

The list of available inputs in the new ‘Add Side-Chain Input’ (C10.0.10 on Win7 x64) is not showing all of the inputs that are in my project.

In Cubase 9.x the only way to send a sidechain to a suitable VST was to use the sends. In C10, this is what I see as the avaiable list of sends
This is correct and shows the same in C9.x

But in the ‘Add Side-Chain Input’ window this is what I see:

See how the REV FX channels are missing (SHORT REV, MED REV, etc.) … so is SLAPBACK and the 1/4 DL. And the BUSS_REST group channel. And it gets even more messy as I add new tracks or channels, with things starting to appear and disappear from this list Side-Chain input window.

Same issue here…

Also using Cubase 10 Pro. And the list of available sources for side chains is incomplete.

I want to trigger a compressor with a stereo recording right now but only the left channel track is available as a side chain input. The right channel and the stereo group channel are missing. I can neither select them from the new add sidechain dialogue in the plug-in (standard compressor) nor can I send the right track or the group channel to the respective compressor.

And I remember that I had a similar situation just the other day in a different project.

This is a serious issue…Please provide a quick fix Steinberg.

Thanks for confirming. I opened a support ticket at mySteinberg but have had no reply … could you do the same ?

Any news about this issue?

Having the same issue. Screwing up my project badly as half of my vocal tracks are not showing up in the sidechain list.

I’ve had this problem occur oftentimes with all versions of C10.

Is this bug being ignored?