Not all parts showing

This one should be really simple, but I just don’t seem to find how.:
In Setup I’m seeing my list of players in the Players tab on the left. In the Layouts tab on the right I’m seeing ‘full score’ + a complete list of players (similar to the Players tab). If I click ‘Full Score’ in the top-center I can see the full score. If I select ‘Double Bass’ (one of the players), I see the Double Bass part. However, if I select any of the other players, my screen goes black.
What am I overlooking? Thanks for any input!

Each player (left panel) needs to be assigned to at least one flow (bottom panel) in order for a part to exist. Please confirm that each player is assigned to at least one flow.

@Pianoleo: Thanks! Assigning all parts to the flow (which was not visible in my screen lay out…) works! Why is this so hard to find in the manual? Especially for new Dorico users or users who also work with other music notation software (like me) this seems to be a basic item.

And by the way, it still eludes me what ‘Flows’ actual are and what they do. Probably a semantic item, I can’t yet think of a musical equivalent for it.

A flow is just a container for a section of music. It can be a movement, a snippet to use in a footnote or an excerpt or a music test question or just a passage in a larger work.

“Flows” is an intentionally abstract term. If you’re writing a symphony or a sonata, it’s probably a movement; if you’re writing a hymnal or songbook it’s probably a hymn or a song; if you’re sketching ideas then it might be a single chord you want to store for later.

@Derrek, @pianoleo: Thanks, the use for ‘Flows’ will probably show up when I need it. At this stage trying to combine two notation systems is quite frustrating. I’m not convinced (yet) however to make a switch to Dorico.

@Derrek, @pianoleo. One more thing: When I’m trying to print one of the parts I see “1. Flow 1” on top of the page. How can I get rid of that text?

Layout Options>Page Setup>Flows.

EDIT: make sure you have the appropriate layout selected on the right of this window. There are buttons on the bottom right to select f.e. all part layouts.

@hrnbouma: Thanks, looking better already!

Sorry to hear that, what sort of terms were you searching for? (so I can review the relevant docs and add e.g. keywords if necessary)

@Lillie_Harris: Thanks for your quiry. I think it’s in the search words, not the documents. It’s hard where to look for in the manual without knowing the result. I can’t recall exactly, I guess I looked for ‘Parts not showing’ or ‘Parts not visible’ or something similar. Now you only get the right answer if you search for ‘assigning parts’. However, the concept of ‘assigning’ a part is unknown if you’re new to Dorico. Hope that helps.

@Lillie_Harris: If I may give another example: I’m currently trying to find out how to make a page brake in a part (in order to have a smooth turning of pages). If I search for ‘page brake’ in the manual I receive a list of results which give me a lot of information, except how to make a page brake…
I’m still searching…

If you search for page break you’ll be directed to frame break (which is the relevant Dorico term, because in limited circumstances you can have more than one frame on a page). “Brake” is a thing that slows you down, whereas “break” is the opposite of “join”. It’s not uncommon for people (even with English as their first language) to confuse these two words.

Thank you, that is helpful. I’ve made a note.

@pianoleo: Of course, my mistake to clutter up te spelling!
In case of this ‘Frame break’: The manual tells me to select a note or item in Engrave mode. However, in my score it’s not possible to select anything in Engrave mode, therefore Shift-F doesn’t work either. ??

In that case you possibly have the wrong tool selected at the top of the left panel of Engrave mode. You need to select the Graphic Editing tool (see Engrave toolbox) for details.

@pianoleo: Thanks, it works!
Question, if I may: does this also work the other way around: Can I force one or more measures to the preceding page or system? Thanks.

Yes you can force music into systems or frames (pages).

@Lillie_Harris: Thank you, Lillie!
Still struggling with names. Musicians tend to think in measures (or bars), staffs, systems and pages. Names like Frames, Flows and Master Pages are, how shall I put it, ‘strange’.