Not Available: Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip


I am trying to use the built-in effect of the MR816CSX as a VST plug-in of Cubase ( OP manual page 19). I have set FW driver as EX effect with 6x mono + REV-X. However, when I insert a channelStrip[m] on an audio channel. It says “Not available”.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.33.20 PM.png

You have your settings wrong in the MR, Don’t set it to 6x + REV x, that gives you the morph channel on the MR Editor and not in the DAW

So what should I set it to please?

This is my problem and it was not solved

There is no one to guide

To use the channelstrip m (=mono) set the external FX type to one of the Mono settings.
If you want to use the REV-X too, set it to Mono + REV-X

Hope that helps someone :wink: