Not Bad Halion Team

The 7.1 update fixes a LOT of bugs (I won’t say “surround” least some people get triggered :joy:) in Halion. Very impressive. I thought we were gonna have to wait forever like last time.

So going forward this is what I would do:
*Convince Yamaha to give us the MOTIF XF Library.
The library sucks. Big time. It’s weird you guys left that hanging. Everybody got a library update. We got a guitar. I would do something about this quickly.

*Do not sacrifice quality to hit numbers. Make Halion the HD 8K audio experience. The engine is the best audio engine in the game.

*Make a new really great Acoustic piano and give it to the users free of charge. No spooky weirdo piano. Something to rival the Nord Stage. You guys have the content.

*Put Halion on a 6 month update cycle. No more multi-years between updates. If you guys are that disconnected for that long, there is no way you’re not gonna lose more ground to UVI’s Falcon.

*Get better effects ASAP. Halion’s effects are not good at all. The compressor is the worst in the game. Some are ok…but they sound like low DSP usage code to my ears.

Overall-very impressive update Halion team! Very impressive!

The free spooky piano :sweat_smile:

Ha! :joy:

I actually like that piano! We have some really weirdo choices. We need a:

Keyboard library: Keyscape like
Bass Library
String Library
Acoustic guitar library

Just a better library! No more crumbs and recycled tech. Halion got upstaged by UVI! Look at the library they have. It’s 10x more desirable than what we have on Halion.

Progress is being made. It appears that this update is better in some ways on the Mac with Logic IF YOU USE Logic 11.0.1. Otherwise it’s crash city.

Weirdo window stuff. Some dialogs pop up the WRONG WINDOW! Who is testing this stuff?

The Halion Mac team has Marvel Superhero levels of job security. I get very angry about all this because it’s just poor performance but I try to hold my words for the betterment of the forum.

Ah yeah, the techwaves are comming with storms.
As you allready know, you can laugh of your socks and be mad at the idea that development in tech world now is more then the sounds.

So C-SPAN was allready a fact to, in the USA.
So for a compagny like Steinberg, it is a computer program with drivers.

For Mac, Windows, and those are another party.
So the sounds…

What do you think of Groove Agent?

Yes having the Motif XF sounds would be great! Definitely needs better acoustic pianos though I do like the Yamaha S90 ES piano program which works in a group situation. I have UVI Falcon and here’s my observation about it’s included sound library. The latest version of it is a definite improvement over the original one but to my ears it still doesn’t have enough conventional sounds that could be used in songs, There’s some now but not enough. There’s a lot of cool programs that could be used in soundtracks., And of course they do have a lot of libraries available that are really nice but you have to pay for them separately. I would say Halion included sound library has a better selection of bread and butter sounds than Falcon such as the Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Organ, Clavinet,Tron etc.Halion definitely needs a better acoustic piano and a less confusing interface for editing sounds.