Not being sure I understand Library Manager

Hi everyone,
Some months ago I upgraded from Dorico 3.5 to Dorico 5, and one of the best novelties (and one of the reasons I upgraded) is the Library Manager.

One of my doubts about how to use it correctly: when I open a new project, in the library manager can be noticed that there are some options and collections that differ between that new project and the user library.

I don’t really understand why this happens if the project is new and I have written nothing yet. Shouldn’t it be just like my user library?

Could it be that I upgraded from a previous version of Dorico and I made something wrong in the process? And if it is really a problem, how can I solve it? I’m having problems changing notehead sets and I suspect it could be the origin…

Attached screenshot from a new project (sorry for the spanish interface)

Thank you very much in advance!


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Whether you will see differences between the user library and the settings in a new project depends on how you start your new project: if you choose one of the project templates on the Create New page of the Hub, you’ll get a project with various settings overridden as appropriate for that ensemble. If you start a project using your own saved custom project template, then your new project will reflect the settings saved in the project template.


Thanks @dspreadbury ! But it also happens when I’m starting a new project from the scratch, not using a project template. Is this normal too?
Dorico (725.9 KB)

I see the same thing you do. Language for staff labels do not correspond, and Default text is wrong too (I never use FInale Maestro Text font…), and many other text fonts that are parented to Default text.
I wonder why that is.