Not bugs - but odd behaviors

Hi there,

While working with the batch processor I came across some annoying behaviors and was wondering if they could be enhanced:

1- When having many tabs in the processors open (and the side arrows are visible to scroll through them all), adding fx or files/folders to the batch window can be annoying because even if I use the right side arrow to show more open tabs, as soon as I add an fx or files to newly shown tabs, that tab reverts to be the last to be visible over to the right side even though I previously shifted all the tabs to the right…

2- When selecting multiple folders and dragging them to the batch processor window only the first folder selected is added and not all of the folders.

3- Is it possible to allow an fx to be dragged straight to a tab instead of requiring to click on the tab to open it in the processor window? This may speed up a process when several windows are open.

4- Is there a limit on how many open processors tabs are open or processed at any given time?

Thanks so much for the support.


  1. Acknoledged. I will have to look at this behaviour.
  2. Ues, it’s a limitation, but not a big one I believe.
  3. Since you can insert the FX anywhere in the FX list, you need to have the right tab already in focus. No?
  4. No, but of course, each one eats some memory.

But why so many tabs opens in the same time? What is your way of working?

HI there,

I probably am not representing a big crowd here but I am producing sound libraries and batch processing can be quite a task. The way I like to work is to have all my ‘raw’ edited files ready to process them in a series of batch processing. Since I use various microphone positions that each needs a specific treatment (for instance noise reduction) it forces me to use multiple tabs per instruments…

Thanks for the support.