Not Detecting MIDI Keyboard

I have a really frustrating problem. There are some times when I load a project and my midi keyboard is plugged in, but cubase doesn’t recognize it. The same thing happens if I accidentally unplug the keyboard while cubase is open. I plug in back in and it doesn’t recognize it. Sometimes i have to restart my computer. There seems to be no consistencies when it comes to whether or not my keyboard will be recognized.


Cubase will never recognise a midi device that isn’t already connected and switched on before starting Cubase.
If you unplug then you must close Cubase plug in and restart Cubase. This is completely normal.

If you actually have to reboot the computer this presumably means the driver is not being made available by windows when Cubase starts up in which case try different cable, different usb ports etc to see if you can get any improvement.

Or use a real midi interface, Cubase sees the interface and you can turn on/off connect/disconnect anything hanging on that interface (with midi cables).
I have a cheap 4 port miditech, that is rock solid, and does not need drivers .

It is not always essential to have your keyboards switched on. Peakae’s solution works - used to do it myself - but then I discovered that if I connected my keyboard straight into the interface, using old-style (DIN) MIDI cables, rather than USB, I didn’t need to do anything special and can switch on/off at will with no problem.

Tried everything people have suggested but ever since I was told to use windows 10 I have had endless problems.

Simon Connor

I just installed Cubase Pro11 but my Midi Keyboard does not work in the Daw. ( Tyros2 from Yamaha )