Not enough audio tracks help

Hi. I’m going to upgrade to Cubase Artist in a couple of weeks or so when I have the money available. Right now I’m using Cubase LE that came with an iCON daw control surface. I made snall projects there and always used >=16 tracks. Now I have an orchestral template with 24 midi tracks routed on 4 instrument tracks and want to bounce then down to audio tracks in order to mix. Problem is that Cubase LE offers only 16 audio tracks and I can’t wait till I buy Cubase Artist since I have to meet a deadline. I know I could use instrument tracks but with FX like EQs and Reverbs and Compression my core i3 CPU and 8GB of ram won’t handle it, plus I already recorded everything including automation
I would appreciate any clever alternative solutions that would help. :blush:

You can download Cubase Elements trial, it will be totally functional for 30 days.