Not enough DSP to load monitor with more than 1 plug-in

When I load the UR44C’s monitor mixer, I can only load one plug-in on one channel. If I try to load any more than that, I get a message saying I don’t have enough DSP and should try to load less channels. My CPU is nowhere near capacity. My settings are 48k/24-bit, buffer of 256.
There must be some setting I need to change, anyone know what it is?

Also, is there some way I can have other plug-ins load for monitoring? I only get the option to load the default plug-ins (channel strip & Yamaha amps etc). Would be nice if I could monitor with a delay for example, or some other 3rd party plug-ins that I like.


The DSP is inside the UR unit and doesn’t use the computer’s resources. The manual has a table of how many of each DSP can be loaded etc., and the settings don’t really change that capability. It is based on processing power and memory in the UR. It is limited to one instance of Guitar Amp Classics and one Stereo Channel Strip or (without GA Classics) two Stereo Channel Strips or you can split up the channel strips to four Mono Channel Strips.

Ah I did wonder if the interface was doing the DSP for that. Ok, so not such a big deal, I only usually record one thing at a time anyway, but it would be nice to be able to have acces to other FX & plug-ins whilst monitoring. Is there some other way I can do that?


The channel strip morphing and GA classics are also in VST plugin format for use in Cubase. The installer should install those also.

Sure, you can use any plugins from Cubase, but then you will have to deal with latency.
The DSP onboard FX are without any latency.

Which is why there is a limitation on how many effects can be used in order to keep the “zero” latency at “zero” (which really means an unnoticeable level.)

Ok, well I was hopig to be able to monitor with a little delay sometimes ironically!

My 12 year old E-MU 0404 card that I just replaced could load I think 4 FX without problems, I’d have thought it wouldn’t be a problem for this interface. Anyway, it’s no big deal, I thought I’d had some setting wrong or something.
Thanks for your replies.