Not enough Permissions to run Properly msg

hi guys, I am not sure if this is supposed to be in Dorico forums or Cubase since it happens in both cases, since I posted here I figured this forum has been very helpful in the past and I never posted on the Cubase one so there it is.
I’ve got a problem whenever I run either Cubase 9 PRO or Dorico I get a message that the software doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly and I should check LCC (prolly licenser Control Center) so I did, and after performing a maintenance scan I get an error message called
“Sending eLicenser information : The Soft eLicenser Stored on this computer seems to be altered in an unrecoverable way. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue”.

Just wanna note, both programs run fine no issues, it’s just that the “not enough permissions” message pops up every time on startup and is quite annoying.

I also noticed this started right after a windows 10 update couple of weeks ago, nothing was wrong until then for a long time - but I am not 100% sure that’s related.

Edit: oh btw I should note, I’ve got a USB stick for the Cubase license and a soft key for Dorico but IIRC I transfered the soft to the USB key some time ago which after that things were still fine. in LCC I see my USB stick which contains Cubase key and the Dorico keys but there’s another on the list a soft elicenser which says “deactivated soft e-licenser” and is marked red as in an error and has nothing on it.

Would appreciate your guidance, thanks and regards!

Try running the eLicenser Control Center as Administrator, then running maintenance tasks again.

After running as Admin I got an error msg saying my Control center is old, I reinstalled new one , scanned for maintenance and everything seems to be working now! YAY! thanks a lot pianoleo :slight_smile: