'Not enough space on disk available for export"

I’m having trouble to expor my project. When i try to export the project it sais that don’t have espace in my HD but my HD have 400GB free. What shoud i do?

Do you have your locators set correctly? The space between them should be blue.

Having the same problem- my locators are definitely not set up correctly- so HOW do I DO that? The manual does NOT explain it clearly.

What color is the space between them?

I’m pretty sure there is only two different ways you can have them (well, three if you include having them both at the same location.

Set the left locator where you want the export to start. Set the right locator where you want it to end.

If it doesn’t work one way, try the other way?

I could try to point you to a page in the manual. But, since I have no idea which version of Cubase you are using it makes things rather difficult.

  1. Select all.
  2. Hit the “p” key.
  3. Export.