Not finding the beam-grouping option I want

The piece is in 3/4. My settings are giving me this default beaming:
I’d like to get this by default:

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If you want that grouping, then you’ll have to set the metre to reflect that: [1.5+1.5]/4.

Or 6/8, of course, which is what it looks like. :grin:

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Enter the time signature as [3]/4.


Thank you both.
[3]/4? I’ll have to look that up, but I’m guessing it means to group all 3 crotchets together as much as possible…

[3]/4 worked, thank you.

You can specify beat groupings in the time signatures popover, e.g.

Thanks for the link, Lillie, but [3]/4 still looks like a miracle here! :wink:

Note that [3]/4 also changes the rest grouping;