Not happy about purchasing Cubase

After deliberating a great deal on the expense of a DAW, I chose Artist 9.5.

5 weeks later its is now out of date and it will cost me another £80 to update it.
Nothing like getting satisfaction from a product … and this was absolutely NOTHING like getting satisfaction from Steinberg.

I missed the grace period by 4 days. I purchased an out of date version of software and there is nothing I can do about it.

Thank you Steinberg.


I’m sorry about your bad luck. How would you set the rule if you would be the one who is responsible to make a decision about Grace Period in Steinberg?

I thought they had a 90 day grace?


The Grace Period is always from (around) mid of October. This year it’s exactly October 15.

For more details read this article, please.

Its not out of date, it still works as good as when you bought it.

Thank you for choosing Cubase Artist!
I know that it’s always tough to miss a deadline by days or even weeks - I’ve been there myself with both software and hardware. However, we have to draw the line at a certain point. If four days are okay, what about five days or a week?
This is why I hope you understand that you haven’t lost anything here and that Cubase Artist 9.5 is worth the investment on its own.

I am user moving from Logic to cubase
and I missed by few hours…had registered on 14th. had to purchase upgrade because I did not want to learn old interface.
contacted support but got the reply that we have to set a time and be fair to everyone…
Not LOGIC(al) but pretty robotic :smiley:

Why not be open and honest?
If you decide to purchase a new Ford car you can either purchase one tomorrow, or wait until the new year and register a newer model. You will still purchase a Ford car, still gave Ford the same amount of cash.
If 1000 people wanted Cubase in September but knew another version was coming soon … you would have had 1000 people still paying for the software in November.
I can’t see that cloak & dagger secret keeping builds customer loyalty. I’m sure they do it to lever the maximum amount of cash out of all of you in upgrade fees.

It’s a well known fact by Ford buyers that a new model will come every year. It’s also a well known fact by Cubase buyers that a new version will come every year. The difference is that if you bought a Ford a month before the new model is released, you won’t get the new model for free, but if you bought Cubase a month before the new version they give you the new version for free.


It was inevitably going to be outdated eventually as Cubase updates each year, usually at the end of the year but you can always pay for updates. If you make some awesome music with it and make some money from it, you can pay for the update pretty quickly. Cubase is so far ahead of the other DAWs that you’re still better off. Pro Tools has been adding features that Cubase has had for 10 years over the last few years and charges for updates so you’re still 10 years ahead. Be more happy, make more music.

I understand your frustration but I also understand the need to for a company establish a specific deadline and stick to it.