not happy

Hi I was hoping one of the forum moderators could shed some light on this for me.

After reading the forum about 7.5 and how people are happy with it I decided to upgrade from 6.

I decided to order a boxed version as I prefer my copy of cubase on disk…but I have been sent version presuming they expect me to get a free grace period through steinberg online and download the update?

When I ordered it was clearly advertised as 7.5 and the picture of the box was 7.5.

My question is have stores/retailers got boxed versions of 7.5 or is this the only way to upgrade at the moment. If so I would of waited.not steinbergs fault .not very happy :frowning:

C7 and 7.5 have downloadable ISO files which can be used to create your own discs.

I’m sorry, but I found how your post showed up to be humorous…

Anyhow, as ETB said and has been posted on the release pages, the 7.5 installer was never part of the “boxed” version. The boxed version of 7.5 contains the new content.

Hi thanks for the reply.yes I was aware of that but couldn’t I could of upgraded to 7 a bit cheaper and still got the grace update to 7.5?

Still not the point really as its advertised as 7.5 in the box.

I would be annoyed also. It sounds like the retailer was just getting rid of its old stock. Though you can upgrade for free, the point is you did not get what was advertised.


My point exactly

Good old predictive txt :wink:

Anyway little update.

Acording to the retailer steinberg haven’t yet sent out boxed versions of 7.5.
So I just grace period upgraded it to 7.5 via online
Had a quick look at it and im impressed its a nice update…not had much time to fiddle about with it but loaded up a project from 6 and I must say it’s all running smoothly.

Well, not quite a box but my C7.5 cardboard Steinberg logoed envelope is clearly labelled Cubase 7.5 and “Upgrade from Cubase 7”. Obtained a week or so ago from a UK shop. So they did sell you the old stock.

Another thing they said was they are sent stickers to put over the labels of older stock but they haven’t even arrived.?

Your right its old stock but im not bothered.its all installed and running nicely so happy days on that.i would of preferred to have the original disks but given the time of year im not messing around posting it back.

Glad it worked out but bottom you should’ve received what was advertised & what you paid for.
There’s no excuse for scams.

I have just upgraded from 7 and I’m a happy bunny.
Andyath if you have gone from 6 to 7.5 you have lots of new toys to play with, enjoy and have a good Christmas.

Yep few things to get use to as well…keep looking for the channel input gain near the top of the fader. .doh

Thanks Mrhehon you to buddy

Take an aspirin and have a lie down :wink:, spikey, you’re making a big deal out of nothing.


You are right Mauri. I just hate bullies, but did not intend to become one. My apologies to all for that, and and early Merry Christmas too! :slight_smile:

Now there’s a good answer, you’re da man, not everyone can do that :sunglasses:!

And a Happy Christmas to you and yours,


P.S. Andy, sorry for the 'off topicness…